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Carbon Fiber Wedding Bands

Jewelry for men has evolved a lot over the last few years. While earlier men had little choice when it came to materials and metals for jewelry, many innovative experiments have made a larger choice available for men and they no longer have to be the second citizens in the jewelry market. Earlier the main materials used for the manufacture of jewelry included precious metals like gold, silver and platinum among precious metals and copper and brass provided the more affordable choices. This is the reason that men had to make do with whatever they could get in a woman dominated market. However the scene has changed drastically and nowadays you can find jewelry for men made of tungsten, stainless steel, Damascus steel, carbon fiber etc. The most mentionable among these are Carbon Fiber Wedding Bands.

Carbon Fiber Wedding BandsWedding bands are for a lifetime

The wedding band is a piece of jewelry that will remain with you for a lifetime. This is the reason that it should be such that you don’t grow weary of it. At the same time, it should also be made of such a material that will last that long. The design and style of the wedding ring should be such that it does not go out of fashion with time and looks good on you even as you advance in age. The best choice for a wedding ring design is the classic band design and although earlier gold was the preferred metal for wedding bands, you can opt for Carbon Fiber Wedding Bands in order to stand out in a crowd and make a bold style statement.

Different possibilities with carbon fiber

Carbon fiber is created from weaving many strands of carbon lace into a matrix pattern which forms a cloth. This cloth is then treated with resin to create a very strong material which can be molded into different shapes. Apart from jewelry, carbon fiber is also used to make many decorative items and which make excellent gifts. As mentioned the manufacturing process of this material makes it very strong and durable and hence it satisfies the feature that material used for making wedding rings should possess. Apart from this the design possibilities with this material are endless.

Even if you opt for the classic band shape of wedding ring it can be embellished with patterns and designs and made to look elegant and stylish. Apart from this you can combine carbon fiber with other materials and metals like silver and steel and create beautiful designs from such combinations. A good design would be a silver or steel band and a carbon fiber band twisted together to form a pleated band. This will provide a nice contrast of colors and appearances.

Women can also sport carbon fiber

This does not mean that carbon fiber wedding bands are meant only for men. This is because they will look equally good on women. The band design is essentially a unisex design, but some details can be added to make it look more masculine or feminine as the case requires. At the same time, carbon fiber is a material preferred by men for the creation of jewelry, but many women are also taking a bold step in sporting jewelry made of this material. Carbon fiber jewelry makes these women stand out in a crowd and make a bold style statement.

An affordable alternative

It will be a good idea to opt for his and hers carbon fiber wedding bands while taking your vows. Another good feature of carbon fiber as a material is that it is much less expensive than gold or platinum and still can look stylish and elegant. Hence if you opt for carbon fiber as the material for your wedding rings then you will be spending a whole deal less money and still get value for it in the form of stylish wedding bands.

Many stores specializing in low cost jewelry stock carbon fiber jewelry as well. It will also be a good idea to check online stores for this jewelry. In online stores you are more likely to get a wider choice because you can look at the websites of different stores and choose the one that suits your taste, budget and requirement. You will be pleasantly surprised at the wide variety of designs you will find in carbon fiber wedding bands and other carbon fiber jewelry.